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Patrick Lannigan will be gathering more member information over the next few weeks.

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Company Contact:, Stouffville Theatre Company, 35 Ivey Crescent, Stouffville, Ontario, L4A 5B1, 905-6401621

Venue & Tickets Contact: 19 on the Park, (905) 640-2322. Buy tickets.

Author: Patrick Lannigan

Stouffville Theatre Company History

On March 28, 2013, eighteen people were present at 19 On The Park at 8p.m. to discuss starting a community theatre company in Stouffville. Each person present gave a brief outline of their interest in theatre and there is a nice mix of experienced theatre people and those interested in getting started. Also, an almost equal balance of men and women were present at the meeting.

The relationship with the Levobic Centre 19 On The Park’s Board of Directors that is in charge of programming for the facility, was described as most excited that their Theatre Company was finally being developed. The team of Priscilla Marr, Ron Brownsberger and Neil Marr went through a number of topics: history of theatre in Stouffville, Markham Little Theatre's three year experience in Stouffville, the proposed formation of a new group (Stouffville Theatre Company) an outline of the variety of jobs in a theatre company, a presentation of what might be delivered in the first year of two, proposed membership fee ($25), and a time for open discussion.

High on the list is the development of a working paper, some sort of constitution, a democratic election of a board, insurance, bank account, and a plan for the first year to fifteen months of operation.

Those at the meeting gave their contact information.

The "Current Board of Directors" a voluntary start-up group, is:

  • Priscilla Marr - President and Treasurer
  • Ron Brownsberger - Vice President and Secretary
  • Neil A. Marr - Artistic Director

We would need to begin with the following committees:

  1. Theatre Company, working documents (constitution)
  2. Play Selection Committee
  3. Membership (person to keep membership up-to-date)
  4. Rehearsal & building space options
  5. Member Event this Spring – read through
  6. Possible event this fall (mid Oct)– to be used as a fundraiser for the theatre Company

Don't forget about Mayor Wayne Emmerson's Roast and Toast on April 10. For more information on tickets and potential sponsorships visit the Mayor Wayne Emmerson Roast and Toastwebsite.